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ZNTS 80W RGBW LED Moving Head Stage Lighting DMX DJ Disco Party Beam Spot Light 28545305

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Product Introduction :1.Power Supply:AC90--275V,50--60HZ2.Power Consumption:75W3.Fixing Lamp:LED 75W4.Beam Angle: 25-30 degrees5.DMX-Control-Channels:10/13 DMX Channels6.Pan: Horizontal 540 7.Tilt: Vertical 270 8.P/T Fine: 8-16bit9.Prism: 3-Face Rotatable prism10.Focusing: Electronic linear focusing from near to far11.Shuttle:Flash rate:0--16HZ12.Dissipate HeatAir / convective heat transfer13.Dimmer:0-100% mechanic dimmer14.Long Lifespan LEDs(more than 60,000 hours)15.Color Wheel:7 colors + blank16.GOBO:7 patterns + blank,...
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Product Introduction :

1.Power Supply:AC90--275V,50--60HZ

2.Power Consumption:75W

3.Fixing Lamp:LED 75W

4.Beam Angle: 25-30 degrees

5.DMX-Control-Channels:10/13 DMX Channels

6.Pan: Horizontal 540

7.Tilt: Vertical 270

8.P/T Fine: 8-16bit

9.Prism: 3-Face Rotatable prism

10.Focusing: Electronic linear focusing from near to far

11.Shuttle:Flash rate:0--16HZ

12.Dissipate HeatAir / convective heat transfer

13.Dimmer:0-100% mechanic dimmer

14.Long Lifespan LEDs(more than 60,000 hours)

15.Color Wheel:7 colors + blank

16.GOBO:7 patterns + blank, 2 of which are glass patterns

17.Data Input and Output: 3-core XLR plug audio socket

.Use Of Premises: Scenarios, discos, disco, hotels, shops, family birthday party, good for DJ, etc.




3.Packing Size: 25.5x31.5x20cm

4.Package Weight: 4.05kg

Package Contents:

1xLED Gobo 75W Lighting

1xDMX Cables

1X Power Cord Plug

1x User Manual

1x Steady

Press 'MENU', enter menuPress ENTER at least 3 seconds, menu interface will show 'Pan(fine tuning in X axis)By addition and subtraction keys to select Tilt(fine tuning in Y axis) , 'COLO(fine tuning in color plate)', 'GOBO(fine tuning in gobo plate), 'PRIS(fine tuning in prism)', 'STEM(temperature setting(when fans starts))'Press 'ENTER', then adjust motor position when value range between -127---127Press ENTER to save the value what you adjusted in last step('STEM' is temperature setting(when fans starts), default 45)

PS: after the machine connect the threshold NTC-10K, the menu TEMP can show the temperature of LEDs aluminum sheet, the system will automatically reduces power (maximum to 75% of the original); if the temperature still rise to 80, system will automatically cuts off the LED, and automatically turns on again when the temperature cools to 69 or below. fans can be set the start threshold in menu 'STEM'(default 45, maybe have error 1---2 because of the different voltage of fans.), speed of fans will increase by 10% when temperature rises by 1 every time; the system forces fans to work when the temperature reaches

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ZNTS 80W RGBW LED Moving Head Stage Lighting DMX DJ Disco Party Beam Spot Light 28545305
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