ZNTS Towel Rack Black 9.8"x7.9"x37.4" Iron 325918
This towel rack makes a practical as well as a decorative addition to your bathroom. This towel holder is made of sturdy iron, which makes it stable and durable. The wall rack provides ample space for placing towels to keep...
ZNTS Tabletop Globe Bar Wine Stand Eucalyptus Wood White 320910
The wooden globe bar opens to reveal a large rotating bar with plenty of room for wine, spirits, beverage and stemware, thus you are able to display your wine and glasses in order in hidden space while ensuring easy access....
ZNTS Snow Plough for Forklift 59.1"x15" Black 153130
The snow plough has been designed to be mounted onto a forklift to help you easily and quickly clear driveways, sidewalks, and pathways of snow and ice. Durable material: Made of powder-coated steel and rubber, the snow plough is durable...
$589.95 $513.00
ZNTS Bed Frame 59.8"x79.9" Solid Wood Pine Queen 822459
Enjoy a good night's sleep in this wooden bed frame! It makes a practical and decorative addition to your interior. Sturdy solid pine wood: Solid pine wood is a beautiful natural material. Pine wood has a straight grain, and the...
ZNTS Wall Corner Shelf White and Sonoma Oak 7.5"x7.5"x48.4" Engineered Wood 326836
This elegant wall corner shelf, featuring the perfect combination of beauty and utility, is suitable for your living area. This wall shelf is an innovative decorative accessory with a unique design and rounded shelf levels. You can store items and...
ZNTS Patio Chairs 2 pcs Solid Acacia Wood 316609
These classic wooden patio chairs provide a perfect place for you to relax and enjoy the sunshine in your outdoor living space. These armchairs, made of solid acacia wood, are weather-resistant, highly durable and suitable for outdoor use. The oil-finished...
ZNTS Cupboard 27.6"x13.8"x29.5" Solid Oak Wood 289188
Our cupboard, with its simple, rustic look and feel, makes a great addition to your home decor. This side cabinet is expertly crafted from solid oak wood and MDF, making it durable and functional. With one door and three drawers,...
ZNTS Aviator Armchair Black Real Leather 247795
This highly comfortable real leather armchair features an understated design, which will be your favourite spot for chatting, reading, watching TV or just relaxing. Made of real leather, the aviator sofa chair not only adds a touch of luxury to...
ZNTS 5 Piece Patio Lounge Set with Cushions Solid Pinewood 3076580
This patio lounge set is an excellent choice for relaxing and enjoying the weather, taking a nap, or chatting with your family or friends. The patio lounge set is made of solid pinewood, making it sturdy and stable. The cushions...
ZNTS Kitchen Wall Cabinet 35.4"x15.7"x19.7" Stainless Steel 326150
This kitchen wall cabinet is truly an essential piece of equipment in any commercial foodservice establishment such as restaurants, hotels, canteens, etc.This practical cabinet is designed for kitchen gastronomy purposes. You can also mount it on the workplace wall and...
ZNTS Wall Mounted Skateboard Holder 9.8"x7.9"x11.8" Solid Reclaimed Wood 320481
This wooden skateboard holder provides a practical way to store your skateboards when not skating. This skateboard rack can be mounted on the wall to keep your skateboards clean, organized and away from somebody getting hurt. Also, you can use...
ZNTS Inflatable Gymnastics Mat with Pump 275.6"x39.4"x3.9" PVC Blue 91925
Looking for a large and professional mat for exercise or play Our inflatable gymnastic mat will be a smart choice. Featuring unparalleled strength and durability, the gymnastics mat is easy to take along and set up, and can also be...
ZNTS TV Cabinet with LED Lights White 47.2"x13.8" 804247
Featuring a trendy yet practical design, this TV cabinet with LED lights will definitely become a focal point of your room.The cabinet contains a top drawer shelf and a bottom base. The sturdy construction of this HiFi cabinet makes it...
ZNTS Book Cabinet Concrete Gray 26.4"x9.4"x63.4" Engineered Wood 801881
This book cabinet features a sleek and classic design, making it an attractive as well as practical addition to your decor.The cabinet is made of quality engineered wood, making it sturdy, durable and long-lasting. The bookshelf has many spacious compartments...
ZNTS Corner Desk White and Sonoma Oak 57.1"x39.4"x29.9" Engineered Wood 801094
Our corner desk is a practical addition to your study and working area!This computer desk is made of the quality engineered wood, making it sturdy, durable and long-lasting. Our workstation is perfect for any tight office, dorm space, space-limited house,...
Sold Out
ZNTS Writing Desk White 55.1"x19.7"x30.3" Engineered Wood 800810
Our writing desk is a practical addition to your study and working area!This computer desk is made of the quality engineered wood, making it sturdy, durable and long-lasting. Our workstation is perfect for any tight office, dorm space, space-limited house,...
$289.80 $252.00
Sold Out
ZNTS L-Shaped Corner Desk Concrete Gray 47.2"x55.1"x29.5" Engineered Wood 800751
This L-shaped modern corner desk, designed with a sliding keyboard section and 2 open shelves, is very practical and will be the focal point of your office or study room.Made of quality engineered wood, this office desk is very strong,...
$169.05 $147.00
ZNTS 2-Seater Stacking Patio Bench 50.6" Solid Teak Wood 49388
This simple and classic wooden bench is perfect for outdoor use and is designed to be the focal point of your garden, terrace or patio, etc. This piece of teak furniture is constructed from extremely durable teak hardwood and is...
$259.90 $226.00
ZNTS Garden Raised Bed 94.5"x31.5"x17.3" Galvanized Steel Gray 45528
This galvanized steel garden raised bed will be a perfect choice for DIY enthusiasts to decorate their gardens, balconies or patios.The planter has a simple, yet practical design which will make a great addition to your outdoor living space. The...
Sold Out
ZNTS Garden Privacy Screen PVC 229.7'x0.6' Dark Gray 41617
This fence is designed to be added to a metal fence (not included), as a privacy barrier or border, to line a path or driveway, or to simply give your home a shot of extra "curb appeal". It can also...
$72.45 $63.00
ZNTS Patio Retractable Side Awning 63"x118" Gray 41546
This simple yet stylish side awning provides privacy and creates a cozy place. It also helps to protect against the wind and low-lying sun.The screen is made of UV- and tear-resistant polyester. The cassette is installed on a wooden pole...
ZNTS Patio Retractable Side Awning 66.9"x472.4" Black 313393
This simple yet stylish side awning creates a cozy little nook while providing the privacy you need on your terrace, in patio or balcony. It can also protect people from the wind and low-lying sun.The screen is made of UV-resistant,...
$219.65 $191.00
ZNTS Wall Shelves 6 pcs Black 275989
This set consists of 6 wall display shelves that will become the focal point of any room.With an invisible mounting system, these wall shelves are easy to install and serve as the perfect place to store the items such as...
ZNTS Dining Chairs 6 pcs Solid Wood with Sheesham Finish Modern 275274
This set of 6 wooden dining chairs in a sleek, modern design will add a touch of elegance to your home decor!The chairs are made of solid acacia wood with a sheesham finish. Acacia is a durable tropical hardwood. These...
ZNTS 5-Tier Bookcase 31.5"x11.8"x70.9" Solid Acacia Wood 245680
Our 5-tier bookcase is made of solid acacia wood with a brushed finish, MDF and acacia veneer. It provides ample space for keeping your books organized and will add a touch of rustic charm to your interior. Material: Solid acacia...
ZNTS Decorative Mirror Teak 35.4"x23.6" Rectangular 244563
Our teak mirror is more than a practical day-to-day object; it is also an attractive decoration for your home. The mirror's frame is made up of pieces of teak, which adds to the mirror's rustic style. It will look great...
ZNTS Wine Rack for 8 Bottles Metal 240941
$64.40 $56.00
ZNTS Wine Rack for 8 Bottles Metal 240941
This floor standing wine rack is a real eye-catcher wherever it goes. Made of wrought iron, this wine rack is fully powder coated to be rust free and will last for generations!This cubic wine rack is ideal to hold up...
$64.40 $56.00
ZNTS Outdoor Dog Kennel 26.2'x13.1'x6.6' 144938
This versatile dog kennel has multiple uses: playing, exercising, training, or simply keeping your dogs safe. It will be the perfect play paradise for your furry friends!This large dog kennel provides ample exercise space while the chain link mesh all...
ZNTS Pallet Sofa Cushion Gray 23.6"x15.7"x3.9" 314438
Make your pallet sofa more comfortable and add a splash of color with this thickly-padded back cushion!With a universal design, the cushion will fit any garden seat and suit any outdoor decor. It is made of 100% polyester that makes...
ZNTS 5-Layer Heavy-duty Shelves 10 pcs Silver Steel&Engineered Wood 271519
The heavy-duty shelves are excellent choices for both residential and commercial storage, providing plenty of space to keep all items neatly organized. Sturdy material: The storage racks consist of steel frames and engineered wood boards. The steel frames guarantee sturdiness...

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