ZNTS Rowing Machine W130382882
$322.00 $280.00
ZNTS Rowing Machine W130382882
The rowing machine can exercise the muscles of the legs, waist, upper limbs, chestand back. When using a rowing machine, the flexion and extension motion, the stroke with eachstroke, makes most of the muscles in the body work, which is...
$322.00 $280.00
ZNTS Water Rowing Machine,Oak Wood Water Rower with LCD Monitor Resistance Wooden Rower for Home Use 264 09353896
Here to introduce you to our water rowing machine. A rowing exercise can exercise most of the muscles of the whole body. The rowing machine is ergonomically designed and has a good shaping effect on the waist, back, legs and...
ZNTS Magnetic Rowing Machine Folding Rower with 14 Level Resistance Adjustable, LCD Monitor and Tablet MS281040AAE
[Robust and Reliable] Made from heavy-duty steel, the rower frame is engineered to provide increased reliability to keep every user stable and secure when they want to do some cardio workout at home.[Multiple Adjustable] The excellent magnetic control system gives...
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