ZNTS Freestanding Solid Wood Waterwheel Cat Scratcher, Sisal Cat Scratch Furniture Protector with Catnip W104157895
: Our waterwheel cat scratching board is a cat scratching board for cats to scratch, play, climb, and come with a pack of catnipDouble-Sided Cardboard: Made of sisal and natural pine boards, this cat house is a safe and natural...
ZNTS Bird Stand Rack with Solid Wood Perch, Feeding bowls, Waste Tray, Toy Hook and Casters, Black W10412F0399
Large Parrot Playstand*movable design*4 wheels, 2 of them have brakes*72" tall stand*suitable for small to medium size parrots*stainless steel tray,bird droppings collectorFeatures:: Crafted of strong iron with spray coating, this elegant bird stand is rustproof and accommodates 1-2 small to...
ZNTS L-shaped Cat Scratching Board Cat Toy- Corrugated Cardboard + MDF, Walnut Color W104160764
Description:A pretty good pet toy and a cool place for your cat to rest and play.It attracts your cat to lie on and scratch the cardboard, so that your cat will stop scratching your door, sofa or other furniture.This cat...
ZNTS Multi-Level Cat Tree Tower House with Play Tunnel and Dangling Interactive Toy, Grey With Paw print W104160769
There are two cat dens, the dimensions are: 49.5*27.3*24.5cm (the second floor); 27*27*24 (the third floor)There are 18 columns in total, including:4 pieces of 45cm, diameter 6.5cm, rope length 24cm3 pieces of 34cm, diameter 6.5cm, length of hemp rope 13cm45cm...
ZNTS Double-layer cat Tree with cat house and ladder - light gray W104160770
Other details:Bottom pillar size: diameter 7cm, length 30cmTwo-story pillar size: diameter 7cm, length 44cm/20cmBottom and second-layer board size: 49.5*45cmTop cat litter size: 40.5*30cmCat house size: 34*30*26cmWith 1 plush hanging ball;The product comes with a full English instruction manual.High-quality particleboard has...
ZNTS Multi-Level Cat Condo with pentagonal cat litter for Kittens Tall Cat Climbing Stand with Plush Toys W104160771
Other details:Bottom and second-layer board size: 60*44cm;Pentagonal cat litter size: 39.5, 39.5, 18, 18, 31cm;Diameter of cloth bag cat litter: 30cm; Height: 28.5cm;Diameter of top dome socket: 35cm;With 1 plush hanging ball;The product comes with a full English manualHigh-quality particleboard...
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